The PRO-TEC Difference

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Customer Focus CGL_production_line_1

Collaborating with customers at the U. S. Steel Research and Technology Center in Pennsylvania and the Automotive Center in Michigan has propelled enhancements to PRO‑TEC’s products and capabilities.

Continuous Innovation

PRO-TEC’s Continuous Annealing Line to produces strong, highly formable steel with superior flatness that enables automakers to fabricate lightweight parts with increased strength. PRO-TEC’s CGL3 uses the world’s most advanced heat-treating design to produce GEN3 steels which present an opportunity to achieve both high strength and high ductility without the cost and joining problems of alternative materials.

Quality Management and Safety

PRO-TEC Associates are empowered through a culture of ownership, responsibility and accountability (ORA). Their focus is to provide not only quality products for customers, but to embody an industry-leading commitment to safety in the workplace.

Among numerous best management practices, including lean manufacturing, PRO-TEC is an OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star Site. VPP recognizes companies that are benchmarks in their industry for safety management, constantly reducing workplace hazards, and maintaining a safe and healthful working environment.

The PRO-TEC Quality and Environmental Management System has demonstrated continual improvement through systematic processes that follow the current applicable standards and customer requirements.