PRO-TEC Policies

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Safety Policy
PRO-TEC policiesWe, the Associates of PRO-TEC Coating Company, are committed to consistently working in a safe manner. Our company commitment, as well as our personal commitment, is to maintain a safe, injury-free work environment and to be in compliance with all associated laws and regulations.

To accomplish this goal, PRO-TEC will:

  • Commit the necessary engineering and technical resources
  • Encourage development of safe work attitudes
  • Develop and communicate safety programs and standards
  • Provide safety training and discipline throughout the organization
In the final analysis, we all are responsible for our personal safety as well as the safety of those around us.

Environmental Policy
PRO-TEC environmental policiesWe, the Associates of PRO-TEC Coating Company, recognize our responsibility to all interested parties and are committed to the implementation of practices that protect the environment.

Our environmental goals are to enhance environmental performance through establishing measurable environmental objectives. We will continually improve our environmental management system through implementing management processes, and evaluating technologies, to meet or exceed compliance obligations, as well as promoting conservation of natural resources.

We are committed to:

Protecting the environment,
Responsibility for compliance,
Technology evaluations,
Environmental improvement, and
Conservation practices.

Quality Policy
PRO-TEC policiesIt is the policy of PRO-TEC Coating Company to distinguish itself as the industry leader by providing superior, cost-effective quality products and services to its customers.

To achieve this, we will:

  • Provide each Associate with the training, tools, skills and motivation to produce the high-quality products and services, which meet or exceed our customers’ needs
  • Empower the work force so that everyone is responsible and accountable for achieving the goal of superior quality products and services
  • Give quality and customer service the same emphasis as the financial and productivity aspects of the business
  • Support the PRO-TEC Coating Company Quality System and the continuous improvement philosophy that the system encompasses